Neil Davies was born in Toronto, Canada. At the age of three, Neil and his mother moved back to the UK and after living in various parts of southwest England, they finally settled in Yeovil, Somerset. After finishing school at age 16, Neil joined the British Royal Marines and his duties included Northern Ireland. At age 21, following his marine service, Neil was looking for a change and adventure. Searching for a better life and a way to support his mother in the UK, he decided to return to his birth place.

In the early nineties after several unfulfilling job encounters, Neil met a local Toronto-based contractor and fell into the world of renovations. During the next thirteen years, he worked hard to help build a successful renovation business. When Neil was told about REAL RENOS and that he would be a part of a television “reno” show, he simply laughed and went about his business! The television series lasted for 5 years and was a tremendous success. Neil Davies became known to his fans as the jovial English foreman who got things done. Neil's popularity escalated due to his humour, outgoing personality and brutal honesty.

Since REAL RENOS, Neil has made celebrity appearances on HGTV’s HANDYMAN SUPERSTAR CHALLENGE as well as KITCHEN EQUIPPED. After his appearance on KITCHEN EQUIPPED, Neil and Jay went for a beer and thought up the most amazing concept for an exciting never-been-done-before “reno” show. It was then that life presented another exciting change for Neil. Neil and Jay’s newest television series THE FIX is witty and fun and allows each of these pranksters to shine. Neil Davies hopes that when audiences watch THE FIX, they have no choice but to laugh. Neil currently lives in Toronto and continues to run his own flourishing renovation business.

Jay Purvis has done it all—from building homes to walking the catwalk. This cheeky Brit has the good looks of Ryan Seacrest and the Cockney slang of Jamie Oliver.

Jay Purvis was born in Oakville, Ontario and after a few years, he moved to England and Israel with his family. He started his career in the building industry in his late teens. At the age of 20, Jay was ready for a complete career change and worked as a model in London. After three years of photo shoots and runway jobs, Jay decided to fulfill a life-long dream by moving to Canada. First, he worked as a construction manager on numerous projects. Later, Jay, striving for independence, started his own renovation and framing company and gained invaluable business and construction knowledge.

Jay then trained as a commercial diver undertaking many under water construction jobs as well as ship inspections. Jay literally fell into television when he met a producer who was looking for a contractor for a new television series called KITCHEN EQUIPPED. Jay had such a good time and a good laugh that when he met Neil Davies, he knew that not only was this the beginning of a great friendship but also they had the makings of revolutionary TV. Jay has appeared on many other daytime shows and makes regular presentations at Home and Garden shows. When Jay is not filming his newest television venture, THE FIX, he works as a commercial diver.